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Our purpose is simple. To detect skin cancer early and arrange timely management. To do this we provide easy access to skin examinations and same day biopsies of concerning lesions. Based on the pathology and location of the disease we provide medical, surgical or laser management with the goal of cure while optimizing the cosmetic outcome.

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What’s even better than curing a skin cancer is avoiding it in the first place. Prevention is our best defense. We help you manage your skin to minimize your risk of developing cancer. From evidence based advice on lifestyle modifications to topical treatments and light based preventative therapy. We are here to help.


Skin cancer is the most common cancer and also the easiest to treat when found early. When found early the risk of spread and disfigurement from the disease or its treatment is minimized. So if you see something, say something. It literally takes less than a minute to provide piece of mind or to get on track for a cure.


Knowing what to look out for is an important aspect of early detection. Often early skin cancers present much like something common like an insect bite, pimple or a scratch. In these instances, simply being aware of whether a lesion is new and persisting or old and changing may be enough to warrant a skin check. Check out our practical advice you tube videos and Instagram picture library to be come more aware of what to lookout for. Bottom line, If you suspect something doesn’t look or feel right, don't let it go undiagnosed.


We are here to support you. The vast majority of skin cancers when found and treated early are not life threatening. The burden caused by the disease can nevertheless still be very significant, from worrying about new lesions to having to take time for doctor visits to the stress associated with treatments, scars and disfigurement. Rest assured that we are with you every step of the way. We are committed to minimizing the burden of your disease by providing timely assessments and management, follow-up and scar management to optimize your appearance and health.

Meet our Doctors

The best doctors provide the best care. We choose our doctors carefully based on their professional licensing, work history, education, and ethics.

Dr John Gencarelli

Dr. Gencareilli is a Royal College-certified, and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon, who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face and body. Thoughtful and meticulous, he prioritizes compassion for his patients, and ensures they’re well-informed, confident and comfortable with each step of the procedure and recovery.

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Dr. John Toshihiko Seki

Dr. Seki, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Canada, is known as a serious and down-to-earth physician focussed on both the creative and aesthetic aspects of his work.

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Dr Marc-Antoine Lachance

Originally from Quebec City, Dr. Lachance graduated from the University of Ottawa with an Undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences, completed his Doctorate in Medicine and his residency in Family Medicine at the University of Ottawa in 2019.

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Dr Deniz Akyurekli

Dr Akyurekli is a fellow of the royal college of surgeons of Canada since 1998, with specialty training in Otolaryngology and head and neck surgery and further specialization in Facial Plastic Surgery.

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Dr. Ronnie Borsuk

Dr. Ronnie Borsuk is a Plastic Surgeon with a busy and diverse practice in the Ottawa Westboro neighbourhood. He holds privileges at 2 local hospitals.

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