Professional, Accurate Skin Cancer Screening


Our purpose is simple. To detect skin cancer early and arrange timely management. To do this we provide easy access to skin examinations and same day biopsies of concerning lesions. Based on the pathology and location of the disease we provide medical, surgical or laser management with the goal of cure while optimizing the cosmetic outcome. Consultations, biopsies, and surgical management of malignant and pre-malignant lesions along with management associated with facial scars are an insured benefit through OHIP.

  • Full body/ face exam
  •  Focused lesion assessment and management 
  • Biopsy of skin lesions
  • Skin cancer prevention counselling
  • Preventative treatments 
  • Skin cancer Management (Medical, surgical and Laser)
  • Cosmetic mole/ skin lesion management
  • Scar management